Tesla Model Y Front Hood Water Barrier Strip

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  1. This strip excels in waterproofing and dust-proofing, guaranteeing a tightly sealed compartment to fend off water and dust. This efficaciously prevents bolts from rusting and obstructs the entry of dust and debris that could hinder the functioning of the hood.
  2. Crafted from a blend of ABS and rubber strips, this strip boasts remarkable resistance to high temperatures and corrosion, effectively shielding the front hood from erosion. Importantly, this safeguarding doesn't compromise the car's original functionality.
  3. Incorporating a three-stage fixed ABS parts design, this strip employs the original car's bayonet installation method. Furthermore, the inclusion of double-sided adhesive stickers at the back aids in securing the original car hole installation, all without causing any harm to the vehicle's original structure.
  4. Simple Installation: The hood weather strip is securely fastened with the original buckle, ensuring a secure fit without any concerns of damaging your vehicle.
  5. Fitment: 2020-2024 Tesla Model Y (5 seater and 7 seater)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Works perfectly, the parts come in 3 pieces. I had trouble applying the parts by myself at first but figured it out. I suggest an instructions manual, but other than that, it keeps the majority of the water from to creeping in the frunk.

Ying Chien (Ohio, United States)
Main piece installed fine. Needs instructions

Pretty much what everyone else said. Needs instructions for the smaller pieces. Funny how everyone complains and then said they found instructions but then fails to provide them. Way to be part of the problem folks.

Here’s a video to show where to install it.

Dennis Stevens (Minnesota, United States)
Needs instructions

I had a difficult time figuring out the short pieces which go at the sides. Founfmd pictures on the internet.

Vaibh Maheshwari (Oregon, United States)
Good stuff

Best product I’ve seen in the market. Main area is one solid price with thick rubber gasket. Better than anything I saw on amazon

Daniel Duncan (Washington, United States)
Better then the rest

Purchase one from another site and this one for a friend. After this one arrived I ripped mine off to replace it with the tesmanian one and had to order another for my buddy. The quality and design was so much better you can’t even compare.

Gary Schoenike (Colorado, United States)

It fit even though no installation instructions came with it. We’ll see how it works.

USPSDelay (Michigan, United States)
Similar opionion as Scott

I got it two days before but I just mounted it today as there were some ices on my front hood. The center piece was easy to mount and the holders seems quite sturdy. However, the left/right tiny pieces are not that straightforward to find where to put. I spent around 10 minutes to figure it out. it seems okay so far

S H (California, United States)

Very good and better than all in the marker

Scott Corp (Michigan, United States)
Great product

I think tue product is well made. It didn't come with any directions. The large main piece is understood where it should go. However, the 2 smaller pieces I had to figure out where to put them. Directions would have saved me some time.