Tesla Model Y Rear Trunk Hatch LED Light

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  1. Custom design LED Light for Tesla Model Y Rear Trunk Hatch
  2. Illuminate your entire trunk space with a bright white light, ensuring clear visibility and easy retrieval of items in the dark or dimly lit areas, enhancing convenience during nighttime use.
  3. Exceptional Brightness - Experience the brilliance of our 2W high-power white LED trunk cargo area light assembly, featuring 8 powerful LED lamp beads that deliver intense illumination with minimal energy usage. Our custom circuitry design ensures prolonged lifespan for lasting performance.
  4. Upgrade your lighting with ease using our plug-and-play design. Simply remove the old LED light and seamlessly replace it with our new LED cargo light assembly.
  5. Quantity: 1 piece
  6. Fitment: Tesla Model Y (5 or 7 Seater)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nick McConnell (Washington, United States)
Mixed Feelings but worth it.

Great product which shines a lot of light now into the rear when open. However to be honest the instructions suck and the pictures in them are of poor quality and not very helpful. Specifically the instructions do not make clear that you have to remove the whole rear panel on the rear hatch in order to access the existing single LED light which is on a circuit board. This involves popping several snaps and reversing this can be complicated and will be easier with an assistant to line things up.
Luckily if you are a handy person you can guess what needs to be done and figure it out.
The new light is also a very tight fit when you are trying to snap it into place. I had to use a small screwdriver to get enough force to pry up on the snap fitting of the new light to get it secured to the circuit box in the Tesla hatch. So this can be more difficult than one might think. It is not just an easy snap in substitution given the way Tesla implemented the original light.
Is it worth the trouble? Yeah.

Steven Elliot (California, United States)
Much brighter

Easy install…big upgrade

Ken Takayanagi (California, United States)
Bright as described

It works and is bright. No complaints so far. Not sure about longevity as I just installed it.

Kenneth Kirk (California, United States)
Installation easy for most of the lights

The lights performed as expected. Much better and brighter lighting. I had an issue with the right passenger well lights as the existing opening was too small for the new lights. Tesmanian worked with me and we can to a mutual agreement. Happy with the service.

John Wydra (New Mexico, United States)

I haven't gotten my Tesla yet; just an order number.

john han (Texas, United States)

liked the product but quality control is not quite there. One of the light does not fit

James Cole (Indiana, United States)

Perfect fit. Love them

Ralph C (Florida, United States)
Easy Installation and enhances the lighting significantly

Let’s be honest, the factory LED lights on the Model Y are not bright and they diminish the coolness of the car. By replacing them with the Tesmanian LED lights it makes the ambiance really bright and cool. Highly recommended!!

Dianne Garcia (Washington, United States)
Love the ultra bright LED lights

It really does help see in the glove compartment and floor of the vehicle. Installation was not a problem once my spouse found a you tube video to watch.

MyModeY (Colorado, United States)
Good product

A couple of them were tad bit smaller than the original so is a little loose