Tesla Introduces New Service Centers For Specific Model Type

Tesla Introduces New Service Centers For Specific Model Type

Tesla is working on a more efficient approach to servicing its electric vehicles, so it seeks to make its Service Centers more specialized.

This is evidenced by the fact that the company opened its newest Service Center in Santa Ana, which is intended only for Model 3. At the same time, the Service Center in Costa Mesa will only service owners of Model S and Model X.

The message reads:

"We are excited to announce the opening of our newest Service Center in Santa Ana — designated for Model 3.

Starting today, to improve the service experience for all owners, Santa Ana will only schedule Model 3 owners, while Costa Mesa will only schedule Model S and Model X owners. All other Service Centers in the area will continue to serve all Models.

Schedule your next appointment with your Tesla app. For most repairs, Mobile Service will be selected when scheduling your appointment to have a technician come to you — the most convenient way of servicing your car.

We look forward to delivering tailored service throughout Orange County."

Tesla reported this today, and InElonWeTrust shared this with us on Twitter.

This innovation will clearly increase the efficiency of service, since each of these Service Centers will have their own specialization and specialists who will be best versed in this particular car. This in turn will contribute to better and faster service.

Also, a specialized service center will be able to have more parts and facilities available, which in turn will increase the speed of car service. If Tesla continues to develop this solution, it will help to significantly improve the quality of service.

Perhaps this solution is not suitable for all localities and countries. For the successful implementation of this practice, it is necessary that the service centers are relatively close for all Tesla owners in this area, otherwise it can create inconvenience. 

We are confident that the company will do everything possible to increase the level of service worldwide.

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