Accelerate and charge itself: Tesla received the long-awaited update

Accelerate and charge itself: Tesla received the long-awaited update
During a conference call with analysts after Tesla’s Q3 2019 results, Tesla management announced plans to release a new software update, which increases the power of the car and adds the functions of automatic navigation and scheduled charging. The update will become available in the next few weeks and it will affect different models in different ways.

Tesla wrote in the release notes:
“Your car’s power has been increased by approximately 5%, improving acceleration and performance.”

Along with new engine management software leading to increased power, Tesla added an option to plan for charging and prepare the electric car for the ride that customers have been asking for so long. In this case, the program will charge the car, specially choosing the time with suitable rates.
"It’s now easier to have your car comfortable and ready to drive with Scheduled Departure. For any location (e.g. Home), pug in your car and select a time for when you want your car to be ready to drive. nce your specified time is set, the car will schedule charging to complete before peak electricity rates begin (6AM) to reduce energy costs and ensure consistent regenerative braking and performance. it also automatically starts climate control so the cabin is comfortable at the set departure time.

To enable Scheduled Departure for the current location, go to Charging > Schedule/ Then select DEPART AT and set the departure time, choose whether you’d like Scheduled Departure to apply ALL WEEK or only on WEEKDAYS. If ALL WEEK is selected, you have the option to “Precondition Cabin on Weekdays Only” by selecting the checkbox."

Tesla has also released a previously unannounced feature called “Automatic Navigation”. A new function of automatic navigation will be able to automatically choose the best route for your chosen point, and control the electric car, while driving instead of the driver. This function was separately advertised in due time by Elon Mask, who noted that over time, the electric car will begin to collect information about the user's routes and independently take it to the address.

"Automatic Navigation starts a route to a likely destination when you get in your car. Automatic Navigation routes you to locations associated with upcoming calendar events, to Work when leaving Home in the morning (Monday through Friday) and Home when leaving Work in the afternoon or evening (Monday through Friday).

To adjust Automatic Navigation, tap Controls > Navigation > Automatic Navigation. To set your work and home addresses, tap Navigate ten tap Home or Work and enter the address as necessary, then tap Save."

Also today, Elon Musk, on his Twitter wrote that there’s a software upgrade for Model S coming out that increases peak power by 50HP


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