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Tesla moved mountains for my Grandma who is very sick

Tesla moved mountains for my Grandma who is very sick
Once again, Tesla showed her compassion and concern for her customers.
Thanks to Erik J. Martin, we heard about this story.
Gregory Andrew, the owner of Tesla Model 3, wrote on Reddit, a touching story of what happened in his family.
Gregory is a big fan of Tesla and its cars. He was always impressed with what the company and its products do, thanks to which he became a Tesla client for life. Gregory has a Tesla Model 3. Thanks to the fact that he gave a test drive to several people and they were able to experience all the advantages of Tesla on themselves, Gregory received half dozen referrals.
Gregory's grandmother is also a big fan of technology, therefore, after a test drive on the Tesla Model 3, she fell in love with this car and immediately ordered it for herself. Unfortunately, only a few days after this, Gregory's grandmother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung, esophagus, and lymph cancer. It was a terrible blow for all family members.
When Gregory ordered a car for his grandmother, the delivery time was shown - 2 weeks, but now for his grandmother every next day of her life was like a gift. Gregory kept in touch with the delivery specialist for the grandmother's car. The delivery specialist was very kind and struggled to find exactly the car one she wanted - White on White Long Range Dual Motor.
Finally today Gregory's family saw she got a Delivery date at the Charlotte store (the nearest one to the house Gregory's grandma has chosen to spend retirement in as of a year ago). The whole family, especially the grandmother, is very happy about this news. Gregory's grandfather even worked together with an electrician to installed an outlet in order to charge the car as soon as it was delivered. Gregory's father and uncle answered questions from her grandmother so that she would learn as much as possible about her new car. The whole family was together in order to help grandmother.
Tesla's delivery manager reached out to the Manager at the Charlotte store and she called to Gregory. According to Gregory, the manager at Charlotte's store was incredibly sweet. Grandmother lived far from the store, but Gregory still asked if home delivery was possible.
The manager said: "Even if I need to myself, we will deliver the car to her - we would be honored to help in any way we can."
It was a very touching moment that even made Gregory to cry a bit...
Gregory has been a fan of the company for many years, he loves Tesla. And Tesla gave him in response the greatest, care and empathy for his grandmother.
"You've made my whole family cry today Tesla, for the best reason we've had in months. Thank you, to the entire team that has pulled this together. I'm a fan and customer for life." - said Gregory. 


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