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Tesla Model Y Performance Beats The Official Spec in The Real World Test

Tesla Model Y Performance Beats The Official Spec in The Real World Test

Traditional car manufacturers often provide false information about the characteristics of their cars. They often promise inflated rates that we cannot find in everyday life.

But with Tesla the situation is different. The California automaker initially has a unique approach to the development, production, and sales of its vehicles, and in the case of a statement of the characteristics of its products, it also does otherwise, while publishing underestimated rates.

Just 10 days ago, Tesla's customers began to receive delivery of their Model Y. Thanks to this, a lot of videos appeared on the network, demonstrating various details of the car, be it its interior/exterior or performance tests.

As Erik from the YouTube channel DÆrik proves, Tesla underestimated Model Y a little. Based on his test, the car is faster than the automaker claims.

On the Tesla website, in the online configurator for Model Y, we can find information that the dual-motor Performance variant can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. This applies to both the Model Y Performance with 19″ Gemini wheels and the Model Y with Performance Upgrade package that includes larger brakes and 21″ Uberturbine wheels.

It should be noted that for some other countries, we can find information that the dual-motor Performance variant can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds.

Erik tested his Model Y Performance using the VBox Sport installed in the car in a series of tests. The battery level was 90%, tire pressure - 40 psi. In 3 attempts, the fastest time from 0 to 60 mph was 3.30 seconds, the slowest - 3.43 seconds. The best time from 0 to 100 mph was 8.12 seconds.

Run 1  Run 2 Run 3
0-60 mph 3.30 seconds 3.43 seconds 3.40 seconds
0-100 mph 8.12 seconds 8.19 seconds 8.15 seconds


Erik managed to achieve impressive 0-60 mph results in 3.30 seconds in his Model Y Performance, which is two tenths faster than what Tesla publishes on the website.

Erik emphasizes that he was not setting up the Model Y. In addition, these tests were not laboratory tests, but were created in everyday conditions. Tesla really knows how to pleasantly delight its customers.

Surely, in the future, the Model Y will have even more impressive characteristics, since Tesla, with the help of OTA updates, constantly improves the performance of its cars.


Out of Spec Motoring and i1Tesla also tested the range, efficiency and battery capacity using the Model Y Performance Upgrades car with the 21 ”wheels. i1Tesla is the owner of a test vehicle.

The car was tested in an open road at a speed of 70 mph, which is a typical speed for a highway in the United States. In the city you could get a much bigger range.


Based on the test results, the guys found out that the car’s battery consumption with 21” wheels is 270 Wh/mi. They were impressed by such a good result, because they hoped to get, at best, 325 Wh/mi. It should be noted that they were not able to discharge the battery to the end. Based on the results of this test, it is estimated that the battery capacity was 74 kWh, which means that the full range will be about 272 miles.

The Model Y is the most energy-efficient crossover in the world, which is recognized by experts in this field.

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