Tesla Giga Shanghai Production Rate Exceed 3K Per Week, Phase 2 Continues Rapidly

Tesla Giga Shanghai Production Rate Exceed 3K Per Week, Phase 2 Continues Rapidly

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai was temporary halted (a short period of time) the production of the China-Made Model 3 right after the Chinese New Year Holiday due to the Covid-19 breakout in China during the beginning of Feb.

"Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai's production capacity recovers rapidly, now the production rate (China-Made Model 3) already exceeded the pre-breakout (covid-19) level" said Grace Tao Vice President of Tesla Global.

As we learned, the production capacity of the Giga Shanghai was around 2000 weekly during the end of 2019. After resuming work and production on Feb 10th as we reported earlier (click here for more details), the current production capacity has been increased to more than 3,000 vehicles per week, equal to 12,000+ monthly. Which will also accelerate the goal of producing 150,000 vehicles per year by 2020.

On March 18th, more than 30 officers from the Shanghai Working Group of the State Council's resumed work and resumed production survey, the Shanghai Municipal Government, and the Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone Lingang New Area Management Committee went to the Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai for a resumed production survey and evaluation the progress. 

Wang Shouwen, the leader of the team also the vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce and the deputy representative of the international trade negotiations, spoke highly of the exemplary role played by Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai during the resumption of production, and fully affirmed Tesla's efforts to achieve epidemic prevention advanced experience.

Wang not only personally experienced a Model 3 just came off the production line, but also asked Tesla staffs about Tesla's measures in response to the epidemic at the sales store, and to Tesla's online sales model and stores. The contactless test drive mode was appreciated by the Chinese Government 

Also from the latest drone video by Jason Yang of the Giga Shanghai update, we clearly able to see the expansion of the Phase 2 is on going rapidly.

Image Credit : Jason Yang


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