Anuvu partners with SpaceX to become a Starlink reseller for maritime customers

Anuvu partners with SpaceX to become a Starlink reseller for maritime customers

Anuvu, a company that offers mobility markets internet connection services, announced it partnered with SpaceX to become a Starlink reseller for maritime customers globally. Anuvu has been assisting SpaceX with Starlink hardware installations on cruise ships, yachts, and energy industries since Starlink started to provide maritime coverage in July 2022. 

“In October, Anuvu introduced the energy industry’s first crew portal tailored to support Starlink service, meeting operators’ need for faster connectivity to accommodate their employees’ video calls, high-definition video streaming and online gaming from remote locations,” the company said in a press release on January 17. “Anuvu is the first maritime technology reseller to offer these antennas at a price of $2,500.” 

“Before entering the Starlink resale business, we wanted to guarantee the most seamless, affordable, obligation-free experience for maritime customers and that’s exactly what we’ve done,” stated Erik Carlsen, SVP, Maritime, Energy & Government at Anuvu. To date, SpaceX operates approximately 3,300 Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) which is the world’s largest broadband constellation that is capable of providing high-speed internet service even to remote regions. 

“Customers who buy Starlink from Anuvu get our expertise and customer support without any strings attached. For maritime operators adopting a LEO solution, there’s no simpler path than ours to acquire Starlink,” said Carlsen. "We’re happy to engage as a trusted technology guide and partner for our customers, but if you just need the fastest Starlink maritime service available in a seamless and straightforward process, then Anuvu is the obvious choice.”

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