Audi Simply “Copy & Paste” Tesla Website Description

Audi Simply “Copy & Paste” Tesla Website Description

Tesla is a unique company that creates not only cars and software, but also a way of life and thinking. Thanks to the company, people all over the world are thinking about starting to use electric cars, instead of fuel-powered cars.

In addition to a new approach to car manufacturing, Tesla also has a unique sales, service and charging network. Legacy automakers have long shown their inability to create their own, unique products, and more and more often you will notice that they simply copy something from their competitors.

Andrew O'Connor, while browsing the Audi website, in the section "EV" came across amazing information in the description. According to the website, "Every new Model 3, Model S and Model X is compatible with a CCS charging." It is very unusual to see this on Audi's website.

After checking the Tesla website, Twitter user @CillDar saw that the description on the Audi website is 100% the same as the description on the Tesla website.

Literally 20 minutes after the publication of this tweet, the description on the Audi website was changed and the line copied from the Tesla website was deleted. In order to make sure that the photo wasn’t fake, @Johnnaaaaaaaaaaa checked Audi’s website, which had already been edited, through the archive.org service. This check showed that the page was indeed edited.

Another Twitter user, @Darkunn, also checked the cached version of the website, which clearly shows that this description was on Audi's website.

Unfortunately, Tesla is increasingly faced with the fact that other automakers simply copy its development, for example the name and type of Ford Fastor Charge.

All this once again proves that they do not want to spend time, energy and money on developing their own unique products and would rather just steal ideas from their strong competitor and undisputed leader among EVs - Tesla.


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