Tesla Latest Amazing Navigate on Autopilot Improvements

Tesla Latest Amazing Navigate on Autopilot Improvements

Navigate-on-Autopilot (NoA) is one of the most complex driver assistance functions in the automotive industry today. And Tesla offers this feature to its customers so that their life becomes easier and better.

The owner of Tesla Model S Fred Hassen, shared with Tesmanian a video of how his car, using the NoA feature, pass a difficult stretch of road. His car was able to recognize a tangled lane change and road changes, which could cause difficulties even for a human driver. Model S drove impressively smoothly between the cones and safety barrels that were installed on the road. The autopilot did its job perfectly, which additionally shows Tesla's progress in this area.

At the moment, Tesla cars recognize cones, safety barrels, red traffic lights and stop signs, change lanes, and drive through complex construction zones, which is an excellent indicator that Autopilot will soon be fully ready for full use anywhere.

When the Autopilot recognizes traffic cones, it begins to navigate them, instead of road markings. This is certainly an example of the fact that the computer has already "learned" to recognize various situations on the road and is able to safely drive a car even in difficult areas.

This became possible due to the fact that the Autopilot is learning. About 1 million Tesla vehicles constantly collect information that, after processing, is used as data to increase safety. In fact, every minute the Autopilot improves due to the fact that new data is arriving in its neural networks. The Tesla team is constantly improving it, releasing new software updates, which gives an incredibly great advantage to the company and its cars.

At the moment, Tesla cars using Autopilot can easily and without problems carry passengers outside the city on highways, but judging by what we can see in such videos, we can soon expect their full and free movement around the city. Most likely it will be presented in the near future.

Featured image: Fred Hassen/Twiter

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