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Tesla Model Y Battery Pack Vs Model 3 Design


Expert auto consultant Sandy Munro recently inspected the Tesla Model Y’s battery pack during his continued teardown. Munro went through the exterior of the Model Y’s battery pack and revealed some of the parts he found in Tesla’s SUV crossover that were similar to the Model 3.

From a glance at the Tesla Model Y battery pack, Munro could deduce that it was built similarly to the battery pack of the Model 3. The CEO of Munro & Associates said the Model Y battery pack was similar to the Model 3’s based on mere observation.

He also pointed out a black box with a Model 3 sticker on it. The black box collected all low voltage signals that monitor the temperature voltage, and safety of the interconnects in the Model Y, explained Munro.

However, a closer look at the Model Y’s battery pack revealed several differences from the one Munro removed during his Model 3 teardown. The expert auto consultant discovered that Tesla had eliminated at least three parts of the Model 3’s battery pack when making the one for the Model Y. The battery pack of the crossover SUV did not have an AC filter wire harness trough, protective cover for fuses, and safety switch terminal caps. 

Tesla may have also made some slight changes to the Model Y’s battery pack that could have lead to small cost reductions. For example, Munro noticed that the EV automaker replaced its fiber paddings with foam isolators, which he noted would result in a cost reduction. 

Tesla replaced other materials in the Model Y’s battery pack as well. For instance, the bulb seal on the Model 3 was replaced by a smaller foam pack. Munro explained that the change might have been necessary because of the irregular shapes resulting from the Model Y’s casting. There was also a port that was made out of plastic in the Model 3, which Tesla made out of aluminum in the Model Y.

Despite the slight differences Tesla introduced in the Model Y’s battery pack, Munro suspected that he would find at least one more similar feature the all-electric SUV had with the Model 3 once he opened it up. Munro suspected that he would discover battery control modules from the Model 3 in the each of the Model Y’s battery modules once he cracked open the battery pack. 

Featured Image Credit: Tesla and MunroLive/YouTube

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