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Australian Ride-Hailing Fleet Adds 100 Tesla Model 3 Due to Popular Demand


Australia-based ride-hailing service Get Pick Up (GPU) plans to add 100 Tesla Model 3 units to its fleet over the next year because Elon Musk’s all-electric vehicles have become popular with its customers. Teslas do seem to be in demand among ride-sharing fleets all over the world because customers are interested in the all-electric vehicle, like GPU clients.

Get Picked Up was founded by Daniel Rombouts in 2011 before Uber arrived in Australia. The Australian ride-hailing service has grown since then and now offers a GPU Green option, which allows customers to choose zero-emission vehicles for their ride, reported The Driven.

According to Rombouts, most of GPU’s green vehicles are privately owned and driven by contractors. There are some Nissan Leafs in his fleet, but the Tesla Model S seems to be the most popular vehicle among his contractors.

Rombouts noticed both customers and contractors seemed to prefer Teslas, so he’s decided to buy 100 Model 3 sedans over the next year. There are currently only 5 Model 3 units in his fleet.

Rather than waiting for drivers to get them, we are going out and buy [Model 3’s] ourselves and rent them out to drivers on a weekly basis. We are planning to get 100 over the next year or so, and we’ve just purchased the first 5, which are available in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne,” said Rombouts.

Besides the sustainability of Tesla vehicles, GPU Green customers were keen to learn more about the all-electric cars’ tech and features. Many analysts and TSLAQ often overlook Tesla’s high tech innovation and unique features, but they are one of the drawing points for customers.

With features like Dog Mode and Sentry Mode, Tesla has changed the way vehicles are used. Autopilot and Tesla’s Self-driving capabilities have also surpassed the usual tech that comes in cars today. Tesla has created a vehicle for modern needs, and it’s no surprise people’s interests are piqued.

There’s a lot of people who are interested in the car. The features, the smooth ride, the environmental perspective. A lot of people recognize the car once they hop in, they say, ‘I always wanted to have a ride in the Tesla,’” said GPU Green driver Tala Pupualii.

Tesla's all-electric vehicles have proven to be a popular car for ride-hailing fleets like Get Picked Up. Asian ride-sharing service Didi Chuxing recently chose the Tesla Model S for run trials for its premium service. New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission also approved the Tesla Model 3 as a for-hire vehicle.

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