Tesla China Showcases Model S, 3, X at 2020 Beijing Auto Show

by Eva Fox September 26, 2020

Tesla China Showcases Model S, 3, X at 2020 Beijing Auto Show

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China's car market has rebounded rapidly in recent months from the COVID-19 crisis, especially for high-end vehicles. The special industry event marks the triumph of the world's largest auto market, which has collapsed since late last year as lockdowns froze economic activity in the country.

China launched the Beijing Auto Show 2020, which is a sign that the country is recovering from the pandemic. Tesla joined the Beijing Auto Show, showcasing its stunning Model 3, Model S, and Model X.

The event, which presents passenger cars and commercial vehicles, takes place from September 26 to October 5, 2020. Here's the schedule:

September 26-27 - Press days
September 28 - 30 - Trade days
October 1-5 - Open to the public

The largest car shows in China are held in Beijing and Shanghai, and attract all the world's automakers and dozens of new Chinese brands.

Highlights of the show are likely to reflect the huge surge within the Chinese market since April, including a strong focus on mid- and large-sized luxury cars. And no doubt, the event will showcase a massive spike in electric vehicles, driven by Tesla.

In 2020, the Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling electric vehicle in China, selling 70,951 units. In order to make it easier to assess the scale of Tesla's EV market coverage, you can simply look at the number of units sold by its closest competitor BYD Qin Pro EV: 26,827. The difference of more than 44,000 units speaks volumes. Overall, Tesla Model 3 registrations took a 13% market share in China in 2020.


With its robust sales, Model 3 is now the fourth best-selling car in the entire Chinese automotive market. September will also have a significant impact on these numbers, which will likely only widen the gap between Tesla and the competition. The Beijing Auto Show will further boost brand popularity and loyalty. 

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