Sandy Munro Breaks Down the Tesla 4680 Battery: “That Battery Will Last A Gazillion Years!”

Sandy Munro Breaks Down the Tesla 4680 Battery: “That Battery Will Last A Gazillion Years!”

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Inspired by the announcements made during Tesla Battery Day, Sandy Munro takes the time to create a mock-up of the newly proposed battery cells/packs to show just how much of a difference this new battery set up will make for Tesla vehicles.

Renowned American automotive expert Munro is enthusiastic about the new battery cells that Tesla unveiled during Battery Day. And we should all remember that Munro, rightfully so, is quite strict on his analysis. If something in a car doesn't suit him, Munro will no doubt express criticism--as he did with the Model 3 in the past. But if he is impressed, then it says a lot.

In the video, Munro shares his thoughts on Tesla's newly announced 4680 batteries. He also mocks up about 1/4 of the current Model Y battery tray with similar sized "dummy 4680 batteries."


He points out that a 2170 battery cell can achieve a 75 kWh battery pack. With the new 4680 form factor, a package of the same size would have 130 kWh, which yields almost twice the power in the same space.

Source: Tesla

In the old packaging, each battery cell is wrapped in a microchannel extrusion, which carries the coolant to cool the battery. With this packaging, cells are cooled at the edges--that is--from the side, but this is not the best way to cool.

Source: Munro Live/YouTube

In reality, the battery heats up at the top and bottom edge, so the best way is to cool the bottom of the battery cell. Tesla presented a new architecture at Battery Day via which the cells will now be cooled from the bottom. This, in turn, also means that the batteries no longer need their own "cases" to cool them.

In addition, the 2170 packaging support rails will now be replaced with a dedicated cooling plate. The voids between the cages will be filled with epoxy, which will make the packaging as rigid as brick.

Now, the middle section will give stiffness between the front and rear suspension systems. All of these innovations make for a phenomenally tough battery pack, Munro says. This gives you much more security.

The new design also significantly reduces weight. Due to the larger diameter of the cage, the weight of the steel that wraps it will be reduced by almost half. "I want to thank Tesla for making my day," said Munro.

Tesla's plan to utilize structural batteries is likely underestimated. Given the impressive improvements presented at Battery Day, this major structural innovation demonstrates yet again how Tesla is revolutionizing the industry. This particular design advancement will significantly reduce production costs, yet all-the-while increase vehicle safety, reliability, range, and driving performance.



Whether the significance of Battery Day is fully appreciated now, ultimately, within 18-36 months, the entire industry will feel the significant impact of these game-changing innovations.

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