Elon Musk’s The Boring Company Vegas Project Gives Tours

Elon Musk’s The Boring Company Vegas Project Gives Tours

The Boring Company, a company specializing in boring tunnels underground at a fraction of the cost of regular tunnels, is working on quite a lot of projects in Las Vegas Nevada. Tunnels to connect the Las Vegas Convention Center to outward stations, are currently being built and finalized 40ft underground. 

Recently The Boring Company gave a series of up close and personal tours of the underground tunnels to News Media groups and city LVCVA project officials. 

A few different news channels took short video clips of the exciting progress. 

The 62 vehicle Tesla fleet that will be used in the tunnels exclusively, noted as a Ride Hailing system, will significantly cut back transfer time between different locations in Vegas. There will be no need to be bothered walking far or waiting on a corner for transportation help. Boring Company drivers will be employed in the early stages of the tunnels’ opening launch. 

Transportation will be 4,400 people per hour with the Teslas and tunnels.  No carbon monoxide from exhaust, long wait times, noisy engines, or inclement weather issues. 

The tunnels should be open this summer to the public. For more information on this Vegas The Boring Tunnel project Loop, and other 3D future tunnels currently under construction, click on The Boring Company site. 

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