Breaking: Tesla Giga Shanghai Plans to Produce 550K Units in 2021, 100K+ for Export

Breaking: Tesla Giga Shanghai Plans to Produce 550K Units in 2021, 100K+ for Export

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According to several industry insiders, Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai plans to produce about 550,000 EVs in 2021, including 300,000 Model 3s and 250,000 Model Ys. Tesla Gigafactory has issued ordering requirements to core component suppliers, people familiar with the matter told Tesmanian.

Yesterday on November 7, Tesmanian exclusively reported Tesla Giga Shanghai: Model Y Production Starts by End of Month, to Target 5000 Weekly Production in 2021. In the article, we noted:

"According to information from the Tesmanian's source, the maximum production capacity (target) for Model Y in 2021 will be 5,000 units per week, which means that Giga Shanghai will produce about 20,000 Model Y per month--approximately 250,000 units yearly. In parallel, the production ramp for Model 3 will be at least 250,000 units per year, which means that by the end of 2021, Giga Shanghai will be able to produce at least a half-million vehicles."

Now with further confirmation (of core component suppliers), Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai 2021 production target is 550,000 units, 50,000 more units than what we reported. And of the 550K units, there are about 100,000 Model 3 units slated for export, along with about 10,000 Model Ys.

For Tesla and its followers, this is very encouraging news. Tesla estimates for 2020 that it will produce and deliver 500,000 pure electric vehicles. Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai has been officially in production for less than a year. And for this young factory to produce 550,000 or more pure electric vehicles in 2021 would be a truly exceptional feat, far exceeding expectations.


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