Tesla Model 3 & Dashcam Footage Capture Serious Road Rage, Helping Direct Police

Tesla Model 3 & Dashcam Footage Capture Serious Road Rage, Helping Direct Police

“Road rage” is widespread because people are emotional, and sometimes, as a result of any life circumstances, they completely enter a state of passion, not realizing that they are becoming dangerous to the health and life of others. That is why we must strive for the earliest possible deployment of autonomous vehicles that will save us from this dangerous phenomenon, once and for all.

However, at this point in time, cars are still driven by humans, which unfortunately sometimes leads to dire situations. Fortunately for Tesla drivers, if they are the victim of road rage, they can prove it by showing a video recorded by car cameras.

Ken Woodward was driving his Tesla Model 3 when he met with a raging driver. After Woodward overtook the red car, the Subaru driver who was driving behind the Tesla began to behave inappropriately, to say the least.

After overtaking the slow car on the left lane, the Tesla driver again intended to take the right lane and turned on the turn signal. However, the Subaru driver began to accelerate, and without indicating a turn signal, enter the right lane. This resulted in the first light collision with the Model 3 rear bumper.

Further, the actions of the Subaru driver generally crossed the line. He overtook the Tesla, drove out in front of it, and braked, which led to an inevitable collision. As a result of the accident, the two cars were badly damaged, though no injuries were reported.

After the police arrived at the accident, they heard two completely different stories that contradicted each other. Nevertheless, thanks to video footage obtained from the Tesla's cameras, authorities were able to make a clear determination. The Subaru driver who caused the accident that resulted in significant damage was fined for deliberately driving recklessly. After the investigation and admission of his guilt, he may be deprived of his driver's license.

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