Canada to Ban Sale of New ICE Cars & Light Trucks from 2035

Canada to Ban Sale of New ICE Cars & Light Trucks from 2035

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Canada will ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars and light trucks from 2035, the government said. The country's goal is to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

Only zero-emission cars and light trucks can be sold from 2035, according to a government statement, Reuters reported. In addition, Canada will set milestone targets for 2025 and 2030. "We are committed to aligning Canada's zero-emission vehicles sales targets with those of the most ambitious North American jurisdictions," Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said in a statement.

In 2020, a number of countries around the world announced a ban on the sale of gas-powered vehicles in the future. For example, the UK will introduce a ban from 2030. The US has yet to set a date, but California has announced it will ban the sales of ICE vehicles starting in 2035.

Canada intends to support consumers in every possible way during the transition, by introducing incentives on the purchase of EVs, building charging infrastructure, providing tax incentives for business, and more. "We will work with the United States to harmonize fuel efficiency regulations and we're investing in consumer rebates, charging stations, business tax breaks, and industry transition costs," Wilkinson added.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pledged to put Canada on the path to zero emissions by 2050 and eliminating ICE transport is key to achieving this goal. "Canada cannot reach our greenhouse gas targets if emissions from cars, SUVs and pickups, which are currently growing, are not curtailed," said Keith Brooks, programs director at the advocacy group Environmental Defense, who welcomed the move. Canada is currently at the forefront of a change that will free the world from fuel dependence and related climate pollution.

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