Tesla a Likely Benefactor of China’s Environmental Plans, New Cars Must Be More Eco-Friendly by 2035

Tesla a Likely Benefactor of China’s Environmental Plans, New Cars Must Be More Eco-Friendly by 2035

 China continues to move towards its environmental goals. By 2035, the country wants to have new cars sold be increasingly environmentally friendly. The country is striving to reduce its carbon emissions in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

The country's organization of automobile experts on Tuesday announced its road map for new-energy vehicles. The report is created under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and will serve as the basis for China's rules and policies for automobiles.

Of all new vehicles sold in 2035 in China, 50% are to be "new-energy" vehicles—electric, plug-in hybrid, or fuel cell-powered. The other half is to be hybrids, reported Nikkei Asia. According to the roadmap, the ratio of cars will gradually increase until it reaches 50%. Of the new-energy vehicles, more than 95% are to be EVs, which will likely further popularize Tesla. The California company is currently offering Model 3 for 249,900 RMB after incentives, making it the lowest-priced premium mid-sized sedan in China.

Meanwhile, the only gasoline-powered cars sold in 2035 should be hybrids. The goal is to increase the share of hybrids to 75% of all gasoline vehicles by 2030 and to 100% by 2035, as well as to completely stop the production and sale of conventional gasoline vehicles.

China is the largest emitter in the world, and the advancement and proliferation of electric vehicles in the country will be critical to its pursuit of a carbon-free society.

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