Tesla Model 3 Is Best-Selling EV in Europe for September, with 46% More Units than Runner-Up

Tesla Model 3 Is Best-Selling EV in Europe for September, with 46% More Units than Runner-Up

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Tesla Model 3 continues to dominate Europe, becoming the best-selling EV in September, registering 46% more units than its closest competitor.

The European passenger plug-in market posted impressive growth in September with a record of 160,000 registrations. Tesla Model 3 accounted for 10% of this quantity. The share of plug-ins last month was 12%, 7.1% of which were BEVs, according to EV-Sales.

Tesla's aggressive deliveries at the end of the quarter had the expected effect, and Model 3 became the top-selling electric vehicle in September. Although September was also a strong month for the Renault Zoe, interest in the impressive Model 3 remains very high. Tesla sold 46% more of its cars than Renault.

Tesla Model 3 recorded 16,125 deliveries. The main markets for the car were the UK with a new record of 4,800 units, Germany with 2,776, Norway with 1,116 units, and France with 1,083.

Renault Zoe took second place, 5,099 units behind Model 3, registering 11,026 vehicles. After months of waiting, the Volkswagen ID.3 has finally started to enter the market, selling 8,571 units and taking third place in the ranking.

The Hyundai Kona EV registered a record 6,143 units, placing it in fourth place. Mercedes closes out the top five with 4,772 units sold of its A250e.

Source: EV-Sales

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