Tesla Giga Berlin Will Have Thousands of Parking Spaces & Hundreds of Charging Stations

Tesla Giga Berlin Will Have Thousands of Parking Spaces & Hundreds of Charging Stations

According to plans, Tesla Giga Berlin will have thousands of parking spaces, hundreds of charging stations, and eight Superchargers to meet employee charging need.

In Phase 1, the Gigafactory will have over 10,000 employees, which requires significant space for cars or motorcycles. That is why there are 3,254 parking spaces planned for Giga Berlin. Of these, 2,166 are regular parking spaces, 232 motorcycle parking spaces, 132 parking spaces for people with disability, and 101 for visitors.

To provide information on Tesla's progress, Tesmanian periodically observes the company's factories in the United States and China. In doing so, we have noticed that over time, the number of employees purchasing Teslas or other EVs is constantly growing. Most likely due to this trend, the California manufacturer has allocated several hundred more places where employees will be able to charge their EV. Of the 3,254 parking spaces, 615 will be parking spaces with an electric charging station, and an additional eight will be fitted with a Supercharger.

According to the data, an impressive 20% of Tesla's parking spaces are slated to be electric. As such, Giga Berlin's parking lot--which will be able to simultaneously charge 623 electric vehicles--no doubt will become the world's largest charging station for electric vehicles.

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