Covered Updated Model 3 Continues to Be Tested on US Roads: What Is Tesla Hiding?

Covered Updated Model 3 Continues to Be Tested on US Roads: What Is Tesla Hiding?

Credit: u/poastoast/Reddit

  • The updated Model 3, with its rear and front ends covered, has been spotted on US roads again.
  • This hints at a new variant of the car that has yet to be revealed despite the updated version being unveiled in September.
  • The mystery car may be the Performance version and have a different appearance from the others.

Throughout 2023, we have seen covered Model 3s testing on public roads in various countries around the world. In September, Tesla unveiled an updated car that was being developed as part of Project Highland. It has a number of external and internal changes, as well as changes in performance and range. The car was available for order in Europe, China, and some other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. After the presentation of the car, there was no longer any point in hiding the Model 3 under cover. However, something interesting happened.

In recent days, there have been reports from the US that undercover Model 3s have been spotted on public roads again. u/poastoast/Reddit reported that they spotted such a car in California and shared photos. This observation hinted that Tesla still has something to surprise consumers.

Test Model 3 Highland Spotted (I-280 S)
byu/poastoast inTeslaLounge

Notable is the fact that Tesla introduced the updated Model 3 only in the base and Long Range versions. Therefore, a question arose about the Performance version, which has so far remained unanswered. Recently, Tesla published an updated Parts Catalog and Collision Repair Manuals, which contained interesting images. One of them showed Model 3 with the same badge as Model S and X Plaid, although these images were later removed. This attracted a lot of public attention. There have been suggestions that Model 3 Plaid could replace Performance.

During the Q3 2023 Earnings Call, company management also declined to comment on when the updated Model 3 would be introduced in the US. This was an additional hint that the company is preparing something for local consumers. There is a possibility that Tesla will introduce the updated Model 3 in a new version in the US, which could be a very pleasant surprise for local consumers.

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