Tesla CyberTruck Enthusiasts‘ Epic Creativities Showcase

Tesla CyberTruck Enthusiasts‘ Epic Creativities Showcase

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Tesla Cybertruck is so bright that in a few days after the release it became the main Internet news item, and even those who are far from the car world started talking about it. The reason for this was the impressive exterior of the car. This is what provoked creative people to create all-new stylish designs and shiny wraps.

CyberTruck looks and has such characteristics that it can perfectly suit even for trips in the post-apocalyptic world. 

If CyberTruck had become a military vehicle, it could have looked that way.

We all know that Tesla CEO Elon Musk also owns SpaceX, which is developing space programs for flying to Mars. This is what inspired the author to create a CyberTruck design in the SpaceX style. Is it possible that a car for moving around the red planet will look just like that?

Someone very inspired by the movie "Back to the Future" and created a CyberTruck design in the DeLorean style, on which the main characters moved in time.

Fans of NFS and "Fast and the Furious" will definitely appreciate the following modification of CyberTruck. Lowered suspension, wide body kit, cool wheels and bright yellow. Tesla for street racing!

I for those who believe that street racing its bad, can imagine Tesla as a NasCar racer. The rear wing makes us understand for what speeds such a cool tuning is made. It looks amazing!

Here is another extremely interesting version of tuning, which was clearly conceived as a track version. Racing kit, badass wheels, enhanced optics: it would be cool to see it in the Nürburgring.

But what if someone tries on the image of drag racer to CyberTruck? The creator of this image lowered the suspension, expanded the wheel arches, put a new body kit, a racing diffuser, a rear spoiler and wide tires. Let's see what came of it.


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