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Tesla Will Mainly Focus on Battery in The Upcoming Investor Day, Says Elon Musk

Tesla Will Mainly Focus on Battery in The Upcoming Investor Day, Says Elon Musk

Tesla Battery Day will focus only on batteries, and all details of powertrain will be revealed in a different event. Yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke about the upcoming Tesla event. He wrote that, despite previous comments, it will focus only on batteries. Tesla will not discuss powertrains during the event.

Everyone had expected Musk to share some technical details about the Cybertruck and stunning news about the company’s own battery development during Powertrain and Battery Investor Day. The event was supposed to take place in Giga New York, where Tesla planned to offer media and investors tours of the facility. At the moment, all that is known is that the upcoming event will focus only on batteries. 

Tesla has been heavily focused on developing its own batteries recently. Together with Maxwell and their other divisions, they are working on the Roadrunner project. The goal is to create an inexpensive and high-quality battery with a long service life, which could guarantee a longer range for Tesla's cars.

Tesla has already tested prototype cells under the secret Roadrunner project. Over the past few months, the automaker has developed equipment for manufacturing, like a pilot production line in Fremont.

Since Tesla has a lot of information about the battery that it wants to share with investors, its next big event will be dedicated to its findings on the subject only. But, those who are interested in powertrain issues will have the opportunity to ask them during the Q&A portion.

The event should take place no earlier than mid-May, because all mass events should be avoided due to the pandemic.

Tesla Battery Day promises to be incredibly interesting. The California company could reveal the details of its Roadrunner project and announce production plans.

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