Cybertruck Inspired Architectural Company to Build a Cyber-House


Tesla’s Cybertruck has inspired an Orlando-based architectural firm to create a Cyber-house or ‘Cyberhaus’ as they have called it. The Cybertruck’s unique design still receives a lot of criticism despite a growing number of people growing to like it. At the same time, however, the seemingly outlandish design of Tesla’s pickup truck has inspired people in several communities, the housing industry included.

Orlando-based firm Dihedral Architecture released a Cyberhouse—or as the company calls it Cyberhaus—design inspired by Elon Musk’s CYBRTRK. Dihedral’s layout features sharp edges similar to the Tesla pickup truck’s triangular exterior. It looks more like a box with sharp angles and definitely doesn’t adopt a standard shape for a house.

According to Dihedral Architecture’s Twitter account, the Cyberhaus is made of stainless steel, just like the Cybertruck’s exoskeleton. As such, the architectural firm states that the Cyberhaus is built to withstand all environments and most probably different weather as well.

The Cyberhaus will also be solar-powered, again taking inspiration from Tesla’s all-electric pickup. CYBRTRK owners will reportedly be able to purchase a solar panel accessory for their Tesla truck, which would fit perfectly on the roof of the bed of the EV.

Coincidentally, the Cybertruck also inspired another brilliant idea for reservation holder Karl Gesslein who planned to move into a tiny house. Gesslein believes the dual-motor variant of the Cybertruck could power his tiny house off the grid for over 200 days, thanks to the all-electric truck’s power outlets. In a sense, the Cybertruck would act like Tesla’s Powerwall for Gesslein’s tiny house.

As seen by Dihedral Architecture’s Cyberhaus and Gesslein’s idea for Tesla’s upcoming all-electric truck, the Cybertruck is inspiring people to rethink a standard house’s appearance and needs. Tesla’s mission has always been to help people reimagine transportation. Since it’s creation, however, Tesla’s influence has spilled over to other sectors as well.

The next-gen automaker is influencing other companies to shift their perspectives and reinvent their products for the modern consumer, similar to the way Tesla has reconceptualized cars. Dihedral Architecture certainly seems like a company that Tesla has influenced. According to the architectural firm's website, Dihedral is a company that is inspired by innovative and sustainable projects.

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