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Tesla Model 3 Registrations per Day in the Netherlands Hit a Record High


Tesla’s Model 3 registrations per day in the Netherlands have been reaching record highs as the last month of Q4 comes to a close. License plate registrations in the Netherlands reveal a surge of new Model 3 owners right before the year ends, which may be proof that Tesla’s sedan has sold out in Europe. 

On December 17, Tesla enthusiast Morten Grove reported an all-time record for the next-gen automaker in the Netherlands. According to Grove, a total of 672 Model 3s were registered in a single day on December 16. Only two days prior, on December 14, there were 488 Model 3 registrations in the Netherlands. 

Model 3 registrations in the Netherlands don’t show any signs of declining, either. On December 18, Grove reported the previous record—established just a day prior—was broken already. A total of 676 Model 3s were registered on December 18. 

The tremendous leap of Model 3s in the Netherlands is further supported by license plate registrations. According to Kentekenradar—a license plate radar website for the Dutch fleet—a total of 5,898 new Model 3 owners registered for license plates as of December 17, 2019. In comparison, only 3,979 Tesla sedans were recorded in November 2019. These numbers don’t seem to be cumulative. 

The surge of Model 3 registrations in the Netherlands may corroborate rumors that spread earlier this month about Tesla’s sedan being sold out for Q4 in all of Europe. Of course, one country’s registrations can’t speak for the entire continent.

However, it does reveal that the all-electric car maker may be pushing to deliver as many Model 3 units as possible before the end of Q4--specifically cars that have been preordered. 

Tesla doesn’t seem to be crunching out Model 3 deliveries in just Europe either. A major shipment of Tesla’s midsize sedan recently arrived at Yokohama port in Japan earlier this month, too. So the next-gen automaker may be burning the midnight oil in all of its major markets around the world.

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H/T: Morten Grove

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