Tesla Made Wall Street Cry Again

Tesla Made Wall Street Cry Again

Since its unveiling, Cybertruck has drawn a lot of attention. This weekend, this Beast has undoubtedly become king.

After the release of Tesla Cybertruck, hundreds of guests lined up for a test drive. This weekend, Tesla Cybertruck continued to increase his popularity, millions of people talked and wrote about it, and even food bloggers.

Range 500 + miles
Acceleration from 0 to 60 in 2.9 s.
Max speed 130 mph

The Cybertruck received acceleration comparable to a sports car Porsche 911, and the characteristics prevailing over the Ford F-150.
Those who ordered the Single Motor RWD version and Dual Motor AWD need to wait two years, in order to receive their orders, those who ordered the Tri Motor AWD version will need to wait for three years.

On Saturday, Tesla received 146k orders for Cybetruck, and on Sunday it became known that Cybertruck had already received 200k orders, of which almost half was a Tri Motor AWD version.

As a result of simple calculations, it turns out that $20 million were credited to Tesla's account.

Photo credit: Teslarati

Someone may say: So what, that Tesla received orders for 200k cars?
For a better understanding of this, just think that some Chinese car companies sold less than 200k cars in 2019 (11 month!!!). That is, Tesla in just 72 hours, fulfilled the sales plan for some automakers who sell their products in the most active car market in the world (China).

The next day, after the presentation of Cybertrack, Tesla shares fell 6.1%, while competitors Ford and GM rose 3%. Obviously, Wall Street wasn’t affected by this car compared to the enthusiasm of the fans.


Picture source: Jesse Cohen

Bloomberg called Cybertruck not a surprise, but a shock.
Forbes said Cybertruck was ugly, and CNBC compared it to Ford Edsel. All of them were so limited by their prejudices and stereotypes that they could not think and evaluate objectively.

For consumers accustomed to a streamlined car, the Cybertruck form really initially seems very unusual. Elon Musk explained on Twitter that Cybertruck uses a planar design because the body is made of heavy-duty cold-rolled stainless steel, which is 30 times stronger than ordinary sheet metal.


Chris Payne, screenwriter for the documentary “Who Killed an Electric Vehicle?” is sure that, the outside world always evaluates Elon Musk, going through a certain process. At first, the world says: “This guy made the biggest mistake in history,” “Tomorrow this guy will go bankrupt,” but despite this, after a certain period of time, the world says: “This guy is a genius.”
And he is right. When Elon Musk founded SpaceX and set a goal to create reusable rockets and reduce the cost of launches, the whole world laughed with him. Some time passed and everyone clearly understood how much they were mistaken. (Well, in any case, those who were able to admit the facts).


Rafael Zammit, chairman and associate professor of the Master of Arts in Transport Design at the Detroit Institute for Creative Research said that Cybertruck is very simple only at first glance, but "this is probably the most brilliant model in history."

Elon Musk is the one who developed the "SEXY CARS" product line, do you really expect him to follow the rules?

Picture source: Sina

Meanwhile, everyone seems to be ignoring one thing: Tesla in the US stock market last Friday fell 6%. And on weekends, the volume of orders rose to 200k units. But the US stock market was a day off. Thus, the three-day volume of orders of Tesla Cybertruck changed the situation.

Picture source: Jesse Cohen

Tesla is the asset most of all short sellers play against in the US. Short salers like leeches that stick to the body. Their only goal is to earn as much money as possible on Tesla’s confrontation with companies that are against electric cars.
In October 2019, short sellers already smelled roasted meat when they lost $ 1.4 billion in one day (and this, by the way, is almost 70% of the short sellers' annual profit). And this is just the beginning.
Yes, there is no doubt that the price of stocks will sometimes go down; this is a natural process in the market called correction. But the facts remain facts.

  1. Shanghai factory began its work ahead of schedule.
  2. According to forecasts, the production of Model Y will begin ahead of schedule.
  3. The location of Gigafactory 4 has been announced and the Tesla working group in Berlin is starting work.
  4. Cybertruck receives 200 thousand orders.
  5. Model 3 continues to gain popularity around the world, winning more and more awards.

And this is just a list of some of Tesla's achievements in 1 year.
Therefore, before making sudden decisions, I advise you to carefully weigh the pros and cons and think carefully about who Elon Musk is and what he has achieved in life.

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