Tesla CEO Elon Musk Brings CyberTruck To The Jay Leno's Garage

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Brings CyberTruck To The Jay Leno's Garage

Cybertruck struck a lot of people around the world, and Jay Leno, host of Jay Leno’s Garage was no exception. However, he notes “I saw it on TV ... butnothing strikes you until you see it in person.”

Leno visited Tesla’s Hawthorne, California headquarters, where he met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Tesla's chief designer Franz von Holzhausen. Musk, who loves to amaze the public, arrived at the meeting on the stunning, red Semi.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

But, the main character of the episode is the steel beast Cybertruck. The sci-fi movie “Blade Runner” and James Bond's “The Spy Who Loved Me” was Musk's inspiration for a cyberpunk-style electric pickup truck. Cybertruck challenges the traditional perception of how a pickup truck should look.

“Pickup truck buyers tend to be pretty conservative in what they like. ‘It needs to look like a pickup truck,’ right? ” Leno says on the show. “And this doesn’t look anything like a pickup truck, but it immediately makes pickup trucks look old-fashioned.”

Despite the fact that some analysts are concerned that the futuristic design of Cybertruck will make it less desirable for the average pickup buyer, unofficial data shows that the number of pre-orders has long exceeded 600k.

“I think there's a preconceived notion of what a pickup truck should be, and that's something that we said, 'If we're going to go bold, then we have to do something that breaks that norm," von Holzhausen tells Leno.

Elon and Franz also showed Cybertruck's impressive “vault”, which can hold up to 3,500 pounds of cargo. The vault is a locking, protective shield covering that slides in place with the touch of a button to cover the Cybertruck’s cargo bed.

“It’ll protect your cargo and secure it against being stolen,” Musk tells Leno. In order not to be unfounded, Musk climbs onto the shield and demonstrates its strength. "People of Tesla," exclaims Leno.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

Leno notes that the truck has a “good-sized bed,” to which Musk jokes: “If you want to mount, like, a missile-launcher, or something, you can do that.”

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Musk also said that Tesla is striving to become a leader in apocalypse technology, so it is only natural that the truck is made of steel and has bulletproof windows.

“Why’s it important to be bulletproof?” asked Leno.

“Because it’s badass and super cool! I mean, do you want your truck to be bulletproof or not? Of course you do! ... We want to be a leader in apocalypse technology,” Musk replied.

During a test drive on Cybertruck, Leno received another pleasant surprise from Musk - the opportunity to ride on Cybertruck in the test tunnel of The Boring Company Musk for a high-speed transit system that runs 1.1 miles near Los Angeles.

“Elon has dared me to take [the Cybertruck] down The Boring Company’s test tunnel, right under Los Angeles,” Leno says as he and Musk drive the electric pickup into the tunnel, which is roughly 14 feet wide. Musk says the tunnel averages between 50 feet and 60 feet in underground depth.

“It’ll be quite interesting to see if we actually can fit down there,” Musk says, noting that noting that the company had never before even tried to fit the more than six-foot-wide truck through the tunnel. This experiment ends in success.

During the episode, Musk told Leno that Tesla plans to reduce the size of the truck by about 5%, but, as we recently learned, the company abandoned this.

Musk tweeted that After some thought with von Holzhausen, they reviewed the design and came to the conclusion that an even 3% reduction in size would still be significant and the steel beast would look much smaller. Therefore, Tesla returns to the production plan of Cybertruck, the size of which was originally planned. Also, those who would like to order a smaller Cybertruck will have to wait, perhaps this option will appear at some point.

Cybertruck is certainly an impressive car that has incredible features!


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