Tesla CyberTruck Will Stay With Full Size, Smaller Version Probably Introduce In The Future

Tesla CyberTruck Will Stay With Full Size, Smaller Version Probably Introduce In The Future

Cybertruck and its creators continues to impress the public. Despite everything, this steel beast will be released the same size as it was originally planned, and the smaller version may possibly be released later.

Earlier, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned that the truck will be smaller. So in his earlier tweet and on the set of Jay Leno’s Garage, Musk said that Cybertruck would be reduced in size by ~ 3-5%, its' centerline would be more level, and that the height of its window sill would be lower.

Today, Musk has tweeted new information. After some thought with Tesla's chief designer Franz von Holzhausen, they reviewed the design and came to the conclusion that an even 3% reduction in size would still be significant and the steel beast would look much smaller. Therefore, Tesla returns to the production plan of Cybertruck, the size of which was originally planned. Also, those who would like to order a smaller Cybertruck will have to wait, perhaps this option will appear at some point.

Despite the fact that some customers would like to see a smaller Cybertruck, this would also mean that the pickup would not be the one it was presented in November. The large size perfectly conveys all the power and strength that are contained in it, so making a Full-Size Cybertruck is the most correct option. It conquered our hearts and souls in such a way, this is exactly what we expect from it and we will receive it in that way!!!

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