Delivery Event of Fastest Production Car Ever, Tesla Model S Plaid to Take Place June 3

Delivery Event of Fastest Production Car Ever, Tesla Model S Plaid to Take Place June 3

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The delivery of Model S Plaid is a welcome event and the wait will soon be over. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the delivery event of the fastest production car ever—Tesla Model S Plaid—will take place on June 3 in Fremont.

Tesla began retooling production lines at the Fremont factory to produce refreshed Model S and X in the last two weeks of 2020. Despite the fact that the company coped with the task as quickly as possible, the global shortage of components affected the entire automotive industry and affected the final delivery time. Tesla recently notified its customers that deliveries of the 2021 Model S are due to begin in June, and now Elon Musk has announced a specific date.

Musk tweeted that the Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event will take place on June 3 at the Fremont factory, after which bulk deliveries and order fulfillment are likely to begin. The head of the company also reiterated that Model S Plaid is the fastest production car ever because the car can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 2 seconds.

Literally every part and function of Model S Plaid deserves special attention and praise. This is not just a car, it is something that can capture your spirit and bring daily satisfaction and pleasure to its owners. With the longest range and quickest acceleration of any electric vehicle in production, Model S Plaid is the highest performing sedan ever built. The Plaid platform unites powertrain and battery technologies for unrivaled performance, range, and efficiency. New module and pack thermal architecture allows for faster charging and gives owners more power and endurance in all conditions. Model S has the lowest drag coefficient on Earth and unmatched efficiency, therefore it is designed for speed and range. With a muscular, sportier body and chassis, these elements help the car get down straight lines and around corners quicker than ever.

Model S Plaid accelerates 0-60 mph under 2 seconds, which is an incredibly fast result for any car. It should be noted that the model achieves this acceleration time despite being a larger four-door sedan. What's even more impressive is that Model S Plaid can seat up to 7 people when an optional third row of seats is ordered. Such acceleration is critical in daily driving conditions and can save valuable time, for example, when crossing an intersection. It's also ideal for overtaking traffic on intercity roads, especially when there is only one lane each way and every second saved can make a difference.

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