Delivery of Tesla Vehicles in Israel Will Start in Coming Days & Insurance Offering Confirmed

Delivery of Tesla Vehicles in Israel Will Start in Coming Days & Insurance Offering Confirmed

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The delivery of newly arrived Tesla vehicles to customers in Israel will begin in the coming days, according to emails sent to owners. Tesla also clarified details about Tesla's brand insurance--InsureMyTesla.

The first batch of Tesla vehicles arrived at the port of Israel in late February and some owners will be able to receive delivery of their vehicles in a few days. Customers whose cars are in this batch have already received an email notification about preparation for delivery. Details of the date and place of delivery should be announced a little later, a Tesla order-holder from Israel told Tesmanian.

The Tesla owner also confirmed that Tesla offers its customers its own unique insurance--InsureMyTesla. To this end, the American manufacturer has partnered with a car insurer based in Israel, as indicated in the email. Phoenix Holdings Ltd. will provide unique car insurance based on a driver profile that is automatically generated on Tesla's cloud servers. Using information about the driver, style, and driving habits, accidents, etc., the insurance company can provide appropriate discounts.

According to earlier reports, another batch of Model 3 is expected in March, and thus the cars ordered on the first day of sales will arrive in the country in Q1 2021. The first delivery in Q1 2021 to Israel, therefore, which consisted of two batches, should include 120 vehicles. Tesla reportedly has hundreds of orders, but they will be completed no earlier than Q2 2021.

At the moment, Tesla has not officially announced the start of deliveries in the country, since they have not yet taken place. Sending emails to the owners is a preparatory step and, as soon as the whole process is organized, the company will make a corresponding statement.

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