SpaceX Starlink to Revolutionize Internet Experience on Molslinjen Ferries in Denmark

SpaceX Starlink to Revolutionize Internet Experience on Molslinjen Ferries in Denmark
Molslinjen, one of Denmark's largest ferry operators, has announced a partnership with SpaceX's Starlink broadband division to provide high-speed internet connectivity on its ferries. This collaboration aims to significantly enhance the internet experience for both business travelers and leisure passengers aboard Molslinjen's ship fleet. The advanced Starlink satellite technology is poised to revolutionize the way people stay connected while traveling by sea.
A successful trial conducted by the company's fast ferry "Express 3" in the Kattegat region demonstrated the immense potential of Starlink's satellite-based internet service. Overcoming the challenges of transmitting internet signals across vast distances and water, the experiment proved highly successful and impressed the officials at Molslinjen.
Jesper Skovgaard, the commercial director of Molslinjen, explained the significance of the test, stating: “Sending land-based internet across the curvature of the Earth and out across the water to hit a moving fast ferry at 70 kilometers per hour has always been a difficult exercise. But we have had Maritim Starlink on Express 3 in a test which has turned out really well." They stated in a Danish language press release, all quotes were translated to English. 
Following the positive outcome of the trial, all the ferries on the Bornholm line, a popular route for both locals and tourists, will be equipped with internet connectivity provided by the vast network of thousands of Starlink satellites launched into orbit by SpaceX. The Starlink hardware implementation is expected to take place during the Summer. Subsequently, the remaining fast ferries in the Kattegat region will also benefit from Starlink's internet service. "Business customers who want to use the trip for work can look forward to much better internet on board. But the families will also be able to use the ship's internet for a better entertainment experience, which cannot be done with the current solution," said Skovgaard. As Molslinjen prepares to equip its ferries with Starlink's internet service, both business and leisure travelers can look forward to a significant improvement in their onboard digital experience. 


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