Detroit Car Enthusiast Reserves Tesla Cybertruck Because 'It's Different, Different is Awesome'


Car enthusiast and YouTuber Anton Daniels from Detroit dropped some truth bombs in his video explaining why he preordered Tesla’s Cybertruck. Daniels' perspective offered great insight into Elon Musk’s gutsy pickup truck and a unique view inside the mind of a car enthusiast based in the city that is at the center of the United States automobile industry.

In a recent YouTube video, Daniels shared his thought process before preordering the Cybertruck and explained why he decided to make a reservation for the upcoming vehicle. According to the car enthusiast, the main reason he preordered the Tesla CYBRTRK was that it was different, and “different is awesome.”

After he explained his new view on cars—discussed later—Anton Daniels emphasized the importance of a person’s lifestyle in relation to the things they own, specifically cars. In Daniels’ case, he believes Climate Change is real and wants to do his part to mitigate it, which is why he bought a Ford Fusion.

Buying a Ford Fusion was just the beginning of his Daniels' journey. The car enthusiast revealed his interest in EVs, specifically from Tesla and Rivian, because the all-electric vehicles of both companies would truly match his changing lifestyle. The Ford Mustang Mach-E caught his eye before the Cybertruck, too. In the end, however, it was Elon Musk’s all-electric pickup truck that inspired and called to him because it matched his new view of the car industry.

Recently, Daniels' has fallen out of love with driving and vehicles. His experiences in other cities, specifically New York, have given him a new perspective about transportation and the automobile industry.

Now, Daniels' describes driving as a “menial task” that is a “complete waste of time.” He also points out that vehicles are, in reality, a bad investment because of their rate of depreciation.

Daniels’ love for cars no doubt came from Detroit and its role in the rich history of the automobile industry. Despite his new perspective on vehicles, he recognizes that cars are a necessity for some people, including someone like himself from Detroit. In his video, Daniels revealed that there are cars in the market that don’t force people to compromise the life they want to lead, and that’s why he bought a Cybertruck. It’s uncompromising, it’s unapologetic, and it’s different.

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