Tesla Cybertruck Convoy Proposed for Burning Man 2022 


Tesla enthusiasts proposed a Cybertruck convoy to Burning Man 2022, and the Tesla community seemed up for the idea. The organic culture of Burners--people who support Burning Man--fits the CYBRTRK, its creator Elon Musk, and Tesla almost too perfectly. It would be interesting to see how the unique, open community of Burners reacts to Tesla’s all-electric pickup truck.

Co-Founder and CVO of Go To-U Inc. Lena—@TeslaPrincess on Twitter—shared fellow Tesla enthusiast Greg Tackett’s idea about the CYBRTRK through a tweet. Tacket proposed a Cybertruck convoy for Burning Man 2022 and asked the Tesla Community if anyone was interested in participating. A variety of Tesla supporters seemed to like the idea.

Knowing how action-prone the Tesla community is, Burners could be treated to a Cybertruck convoy in Burning Man 2022. Burners and Tesla enthusiasts have some qualities in common.

It just so happens that a lot of people from Silicon Valley’s tech culture are Burners, too. So at Burning Man 2022, the Cybertruck could be perused by tech experts, whose perspectives are rarely heard when it comes to Tesla’s innovations.

Tesla is first and foremost an all-electric automaker, but it has grown to be more under Elon Musk’s supervision. The car company’s tech is often overlooked and underappreciated by its harshest critics because Tesla isn’t seen as a tech company.

Communication Professor Fred Turner from Stanford University has studied Burning Man over the years. In an interview, Professor Turner explained why there were so many Burners from Silicon Valley.

Based on Turner’s research, Burning Man is a place for people who work in Silicon Valley to truly express themselves through their engineering. The festival seems to provide a space for engineers and other tech innovators to recharge and revisit the reasons they continue to strive and work so hard in Silicon Valley.

"When I was doing interviews at Burning Man with people who work in Silicon Valley, they would tell me that they work really hard in their companies, but they are always fulfilling someone else’s vision. At Burning Man, they feel like they are fulfilling their own vision, which is beautiful for them," said the Standford Communications Professor.

Turner described Burning Man as a spiritual experience for tech innovators from Silicon Valley. It is an event where people could openly showcase their work without fear of persecution. As such, Burning Man seems to engender the best kind of community for the Cybertruck.

After Elon Musk’s CYBRTRK was unveiled, many people were quick to call it ugly, a failure, and predicted it would be a sales flop. Only a few open-minded people saw the Cybertruck as a true innovation both in form and in spirit. The work and thought that went into the Cybertruck’s design sort of embodies some of the 10 Principles of Burning Man, namely Radical Self-expression, Communal Effort, and Participation.


The Cybertruck is Elon Musk unchained. Tesla’s pickup truck is his form of Radical Self-Expression. It is bold, unique, fascinatingly “ugly,” and unapologetic. Musk and everyone in Team Tesla knew it would be polarizing because the Cybertruck’s design challenged the norm in the pickup truck market. Still, they introduced the all-electric "weirdly-shaped" Tesla truck with pride--and their efforts paid off.

With Communal Effort and through Participation, the Tesla Community spread the news about the Cybertruck. They actively shared images and videos of it and talked to people curious about it. Tesla enthusiasts shared their perspectives on the Cybertruck, which could be one of the reasons the tide shifted from against to for the all-electric pickup truck. People started seeing it in a new light.

When the Cybertruck convoy rolls through the Black Rock desert for Burning Man 2022, it will be bringing its history with it, which started even before it was fully realized. Given how Burners are often described, there isn’t a better place for the Cybertruck to be celebrated and appreciated in its entirety. As such, a Cybertruck caravan might be received well during Burning Man 2022.

Featured Image Credit: Tesla

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