CyberTruck & iPhone - the disruptive revolutionary products

CyberTruck & iPhone - the disruptive revolutionary products

There are always people in society who are striving forward. They are not satisfied with the current state of affairs, they put forward new ideas and at the same time break the foundations that have developed in society. What kind of people really create a revolution in society, make transformations and changes, developing and introducing innovations?


Who is an innovator? This question was of interest to philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, historians, cultural scientists, artists, politicians, and many researchers. An innovator is the central figure of all transformations in society. He is a source of innovative conflicts and is ready for much for the sake of translating ideas into reality.

We know that almost any innovation leads to small or large changes in society, it forces you to say goodbye to your usual way of life, and is also associated with the risk, loss of peace and benefits for some people. Accordingly, innovators are, on the one hand, dangerous people who threaten entrenched foundations and the distribution of influence. But on the other hand, without them, the processes in production are conserved and don't allow society to develop. That is, without innovators, development is absolutely impossible.

A man only makes innovations when he hopes to satisfy his needs with their help. People who easily accept the new don't correspond to the image of the average social person. That is, people who don't strive for changes, who happy with as they are, are standard. This, in turn, leads to the fact that a group of people who don't strive for change brought them out those who strive for change outside the framework of their group, and considers them to be non-standard.

Most of those who act in life as an “agent” and a “guide” of innovations are people, as a rule, who are creative. They have a unique gift - a strategic vision of the situation. Due to their energy, strong will and faith in ideas, they manage to “fit” the conceived innovation into the social system, overcoming and resolving all the critical moments of the innovation process, despite the conflicts and resistance of others.

Let's remember Steve Jobs.
January 9, 2007 he introduced the world a new mobile phone. But it was not just a mobile phone, it was a disruptive revolutionary products.

Image: Anton Logvinov/YouTube

The best phones at that time looked massive, with a large number of buttons, consisted of several folding modules and they were used mainly just to make a call.


The design and unique features of the iPhone 2G were amazing.

Tactile control, watching videos, listening to audio books and music, online banking, photo and video shooting, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM + EDGE standards, video mail and an ingenious in its simplicity dialing system and dozens of useful applications, up to maintaining full desktop applications. iPhone has changed the perception of phones; it has changed our understanding and attitude. This, in turn, gave impetus to a variety of industries.
Before Apple, no one had done anything like this. Nobody can see this or can do any research about it, because it has never happened before. Only innovators are capable to see it.

Just like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk is an innovator. He doesn't agree with certain things, so instead of talking and complaining, he thinks how to make a difference.
He created the most successful aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company, which creates and launches rockets into space. He was indignant that the cost of building and maintaining the rockets was terribly expensive, so he created his own rockets that met his standards of financial cost and effectiveness. And now we know that Elon Musk did what others could not.

Photo credit: Yichuan Cao/Nurphoto via Getty Images

Elon Musk from childhood thought about how to use solar energy. This was the reason that in the future he became interested in the creation of electric vehicles. The main mission of Tesla is accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy and to help us make this world safer for us and for future generation.

The passion with which Elon Musk develops the company gives its result. 16 years ago, most people laughed at the idea of ​​electric cars. But today, Tesla is the world's leading electric car manufacturer. And the company creates not just electric cars, but a “smart” electric car, and this is a disruptive revolutionary products. 16 years for the auto industry, this is short period, but for such a relatively short period of time, Tesla did what nobody succeeded - changed the worldview of millions of people. Tesla has become a trendsetter. In all developed countries, people tend to become owners of environmentally friendly cars. And other automakers are only dreaming of owning similar technologies.

Elon Musk, like  Steve Jobs, created a trend, ahead of it and changed our understanding.

Elon Musk is an innovator in the broad sense of the word. He drills tunnels, develops neurocomputer interfaces, builds reusable rockets, develops a plan on how to make humanity an interplanetary species, develops solar energy storage systems, and creates high-tech electric vehicles. He was already thinking about what we don’t even guess now, because he is a true innovator, he is a genius of our time. The last invention he presented is Cybertruck.

Cybertruck combines high performance, utility, comfort, efficiency, reliability and safety.

Image: ixbt

In the same way as the first iPhone, Cybertruck was ahead of its time and that is why it will be incredibly popular. Not a single car on the modern market has such characteristics.

7 days ago Tesla received 250k pre-orders for Cybertruck.

 According to Tesla enthusiast TeslaRun/Twitter, there were approximately 300,433 pre-orders on December 1.

Chris Paine, screenwriter for the documentary "Who killed the electric car?"  is sure that, the outside world always evaluates Elon Musk, going through a certain process. At first, the world says: “This guy made the biggest mistake in history,” but despite this, after a certain period of time, the world says: “This guy is a genius.”

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