Elon Musk Emails Tesla Staff on ‘High Demand’ of New Model S & X, Fremont Now Back Online

Elon Musk Emails Tesla Staff on ‘High Demand’ of New Model S & X, Fremont Now Back Online

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Despite high-profile stories from so-called "respected" publications that spread information that Tesla's factory in Fremont would be closed for two weeks, this was false. In an internal email, and later officially on Twitter, the CEO of the company Elon Musk wrote that the factory was closed for two days and returned to work yesterday. The email also contained important information that the refreshed Model S/X are in high demand, which will affect the operation of the factory in the future.

Today, numerous media outlets published “news” that Tesla's factory in the US would be closed for two weeks, citing undisclosed sources. According to the explanation, Model 3/Y line workers received emails stating that they would have to leave their jobs by March 7. As many media outlets wrote stories about this, it sparked a reaction from the community and investors, once again affecting the company's image.

However, despite the false claims and stories, the reality is that the Fremont factory was only closed for two days due to a shortage of parts caused by delivery difficulties due to a blizzard that hit several states in the United States. On February 24, the plant returned to normal operation. During the days when the factory was not working, the company carried out modernization and equipment maintenance.

Today Musk sent out an email to employees, which, in addition to information about the suspension of the factory, contained interesting information about the refreshed Model S/X. According to the email, the production lines have almost finished retooling and are aiming for maximum production in the next quarter. He said that the demand for the updated models is so high that soon the factory will have to return to the double-shift mode on the production lines of the Model S/X. Musk even urged employees to recommend friends for recruitment.

Full text of the letter:

"We are experiencing some parts supply issues, so took the opportunity to bring Fremont production down for a few days to do equipment upgrades and maintenance.

Fremont production is back up and running as of yesterday and will spool rapidly to full 3 / Y production over the next several days.

Model S / X production lines are almost done retooling and will be aiming for max production next quarter. There is high demand, so we will soon need to go back to two shifts for S / X. Please recommend friends to recruiting!

Thanks, Elon."

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