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Rumor: Tesla Giga Berlin Will Test Production in May & Start Full Production by July/August

Rumor: Tesla Giga Berlin Will Test Production in May & Start Full Production by July/August

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Despite some uncertainty that now exists in connection with the receipt of final permission for Giga Berlin construction, the company's plans continue to progress. Data from the logistics company Tesla works with in Germany indicate that the company intends to start test production in May, and full production in July/August.

The owner of a software company Ralf Ostholt/Twitter, who works with Deutsche Bahn AG (Germany's rail operator), has shared some information regarding the planned start of production at Giga Berlin. Tesla asked Deutsche Bahn AG to plan the transportation of containers by rail, taking into account certain terms and volumes. According to the request, the EV maker will need increased haulage starting in May, when prototype test production at the plant begins. In addition, July-August is indicated as the start of full production at Giga Berlin.

At the moment, this report is just a rumor and there is no exact or official information regarding the timing of the start of production, except that according to the general plan, Tesla should start it in mid-2021. The company's desire not to disclose exact information on the timing of the start of production is correct since it depends not only on how quickly Tesla can complete the factory and set up production, but also on when the final environmental permit is obtained. However, the approval to install equipment in several key workshops in Giga Berlin is a positive sign.


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