Elon Musk: Limited Tesla FSD Beta Releasing Next Week

by Eva Fox October 12, 2020

Elon Musk: Limited Tesla FSD Beta Releasing Next Week

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As promised by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the company will soon release a fully functional version of its Full Self Driving package, which is the result of a "fundamental rewrite,” but only for private beta testers.

Musk tweeted today that a limited beta will be released on Tuesday next week, in line with his earlier promises. Tesla CEO emphasized that a really small number of people who are experts and careful drivers will have access to it.

Tesla has been working diligently on a transition to a more complex AI framework that would improve the capabilities of Autopilot. During Q2 2020 Earnings Call, Musk explained that what Tesla has done so far is pretty much operating in 2.5D. But 2.5D is not well-correlated in time. "You're thinking about the world in three dimensions and the fourth dimension being time," said Musk. He explained that it is really difficult to convey how much better a 4D system would work.

"It's capable of things that if you just look - looking at things as individual pictures as opposed to video - basically, like you could go from like individual pictures to surround video. So, it's fundamental.

"So, that architectural change, which has been underway for some time but has not really been rolled out to anyone in the production fleet, is what really matters for full self-driving." 

Operating in 4D will be mind-blowingly advanced. Compared to your average automaker's driver-assist tech, 4D Autopilot isn't just a game-changer: It'll change the entire sport.

“The car will seem to have a giant improvement. It will probably roll out later this year. It will be able to do traffic lights, stops, turns, everything, pretty much. And then it will be a long march of (updates). So it's definitely way better than human, but how much better than a human does it need to be?" said Musk.


Now Autopilot will receive simultaneous surround video from eight cameras—referred to by Musk as "4D." All frames will be stitched into one frame, and then video segments will be created for marking and training.

If beta testing is successful, then Tesla owners who have purchased the FSD package will soon be able to use the full range of its advanced capabilities.

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