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Elon Musk Shows Appreciation For Recent Sandy Munro Tesla Model Y Teardown


Elon Musk showed some appreciation for Sandy Munro’s constructive criticism during his Model Y teardown and analysis. Meanwhile, Munro has continued to forge through his Model Y teardown. In his recent video, the expert auto consultant reviewed the all-electric vehicles’ wiring, brakes, and rear body casting.

“High quality critical feedback from Munro and Co is much appreciated!” commented Elon Musk to Third Row Podcast’s tweet about Sandy Munro’s most recent Model Y teardown video. It seems that Musk genuinely valued the Excel sheet with Munro & Associates’ 250 ideas for the Model 3, and the same goes for the Tesla Model Y.

Elon Musk and Tesla, in general, has a history of taking people’s criticisms, opinions, and ideas into consideration as long as they are constructive and could potentially improve the company’s vehicles and other products. So it may not be a surprise that Musk truly appreciated advice and feedback from an expert auto consultant.

In his video about the Tesla Model Y’s cowl clip, Munro gave some expert advice to the company. In that same video, Munro made sure that the audience knew his intent in the Model Y teardown was not to slam Tesla in a harsh review. Elon Musk seems to have received the message.

Model Y Teardown: Wiring, Brakes, and Rear Body Casting

In Munro’s most recent video for the Model Y teardown, he goes through the car’s wiring, brakes, and rear body casting. The expert auto consultant gave all three a rather positive review. 


Munro talked about the Tesla Model Y’s low-voltage wires first. He specifically pointed out a 12-volt wire protected by a corrugated wrap. The expert auto expert explained that a corrugated wrap was usually put over the top of the 12-volt wires to prevent scratches. 

Covering 12-volt wires with corrugates wraps isn’t common, based on Munro’s reaction. “Tesla has gone overboard because we’ve never seen anybody do this ever,” he said.

Munro was pleased with the extra effort Tesla put into its low-voltage wires. He said Tesla did an excellent job as far as quality was concerned and added that the wires would never short. 

Munro also spent some time discussing the Tesla Model Y’s quick connects. “This is how—when I was at Ford Motor Company—this is how we got rid of huge fines on air-conditioning and whatnot by going to quick connects,” he said. 

He explained that quick connects were more expensive, so automakers don’t like to use them as much. However, Munro assured that quick connects never leaked and 100% perfect all the time. 


Munro also compared the Model Y’s Brembo brake calipers to the one equipped on the Model 3, specifically the ones placed on the car’s two front wheels.

He found that the Model Y has similar Brembo calipers, but there were slight differences in the one equipped in the Model 3. The Model Y’s calipers were much heavier, and it was a bit stronger because of its cast over. 

Rear Body Casting

Among the three parts that Munro reviewed in his recent video, however, the Model Y’s rear end seemed to be his favorite. Munro backtracked a little to explain that he was not too thrilled about the rear end of the Model 3. He said the Model 3 had too many unnecessary parts at the back. 

But Tesla showed improvement in the Model Y. “This gigantic aluminum casting that takes up probably a third of the back end of the car, I am really thrilled with,” he said. Munro also seemed pleased with the casting Tesla did on other parts that he thought would cost some extra time and money. 

Munro felt honored that Tesla really listened to his notes on the Model 3 and took the time to apply his suggestions in the Model Y. So, in the end, it seems that Musk and Munro have earned each other’s respect through this Model Y teardown.

Featured Image Credit: Munro Live/Youtube

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