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Tesla Community Celebrates Elon Musk Day with Blessings

Tesla Community Celebrates Elon Musk Day with Blessings

We begin to appreciate great people too late, usually after their death. That is why the four Tesla enthusiasts who understand the true value of the brilliant man Elon Musk decided to declare April 20 as Elon Musk Day.

Ross Gerber, Anuarbek Imanbaev, Sofiaan Fraval, and Eli Burton, realize that great people are born once every hundred years, so they stand firmly for Elon. EVANNEX reports that the guys during the video conference began to discuss the idea that Anuarbek had been talking about for several years: Elon Musk Day.

“All the great people — we always appreciate them when it’s too late,” says Anuarbek. “Even Nikola Tesla, for that matter — he created so many great inventions, but he died broke in a single apartment in New York by himself. I said, you know what? Why are we waiting? Let’s do it now. April 20 is going to be the first Elon Musk Day. I just mentioned the idea, but everybody jumped on it immediately — they said, this is such a crazy time now, a little bit of positive news is going to be good for us.”

Anuarbek Imanbaev

In this way, Anuarbek wants to express gratitude to Elon, because he is well understand of what it means to be Elon Musk. Elon sacrificed his full life in order to develop civilization not only on Earth, but also outside the planet. “We should be cheering on people like Elon Musk instead of bringing them down,” he says.

The purpose of this holiday is for Elon to know that many people are proud of him, support him and want him to succeed. Also with this, Anuarbek wants to show that people support not only Elon, but everyone who works in his companies, for the good of the mission.

All fans of Elon know the magical meaning and power of 420, so it’s not at all strange that this date was chosen. “We picked 4/20 because of its cult mythology in the Tesla community, and the numerous 4/20 jokes Elon has made,” said Eli Burton. “Tesla has kind of hijacked the 4/20 thing.”

Starman (Eli Burton)

To participate, on April 20, 2020, simply share with the hashtag (#ElonMuskDay) how Elon has inspired you or how much you appreciate him and his many companies and how they have personally improved your life.

Elon and all his companies certainly show that humanity needs to think about the ecological and climatic situation on Earth. Anuarbek was very inspired and it was because of Tesla that he fell into the Sustainability Movement/EV. This prompted him to quit his job in the oil and gas industry and start helping the Tesla mission.

Eli believes Elon will appreciate it. “What I think he really cares about is making a difference in the world, so when he hears how his products have changed peoples' lives and/or how he's inspired them to do great things, I think that's the ultimate way to thank him in a way that he will find meaningful,” he says.

Sofiaan, like me, has a very special reason why he is especially grateful to Elon - this is his son. This has become the main reason we support Elon. "[My son this is] the reason we have Teslas! The reason we got our first Tesla over 4 years ago now. We need clean air for our future, for our kids. And for them to have a quality life," he said in our conversation.

For Sofiaan, reducing air pollution is personal. “My son has asthma and allergies, and I want him to have clean air — I don’t want him to be going outside and suffering. This really motivates me. Electrification, sustainability — they all tie together, and Elon is making a huge effort to make the world a better place,” he told to EVANNEX.

Sofiaan Fraval

We invite all of you to join the celebration and say why you are grateful to Elon Musk, do not forget to write #ElonMuskDay in your tweet.

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