Ethereum Merge One Step Closer: Goerli Test Merge Successfully Completed

by Eva Fox August 11, 2022

Ethereum Merge One Step Closer: Goerli Test Merge Successfully Completed

The Ethereum Merge is a step closer as the Goerli test merge was successful. This gave confidence that there would be no further delays with the Ethereum Merge scheduled for mid-September.

After Ropsten and Sepolia, Goerli was the last remaining testnet to go through the merger, officially becoming a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain from 1:45 AM UTC on August 11. The Goerli testnet merger was completed today without any major issues, suggesting that there will be no delay with the tentative Ethereum Merge date set for September 19, according to Cointelegraph.

Key developers and figures in the Ethereum ecosystem took to Twitter today to share the success and their enthusiasm for the successful merge. Some of them noted that there were minor issues that were also present in the previous two testnet merges. It was about the fact that there was some “confusion on the network because two different terminal blocks and lots of non-updated nodes” that slowed the process down slightly but stated that things were looking “quite good” anyway.

With the successful merge, there is growing confidence that the merge between the Ethereum mainnet and the PoS-based Beacon Chain will go smoothly. Considered one of the most significant upgrades in blockchain history, the Merge will significantly reduce Ethereum's energy consumption while bringing the network one step closer to its long-term goals of scalability, security, and resilience.

Once the Merge is complete, the next milestone will be a multi-stage sharding update that will significantly improve the “distribution of data storage requirements, enabling rollups to be even cheaper, and making nodes easier to operate,” according to Ethereum’s website.

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