Tesla Giga Berlin Receives EU Approval to Produce Model Y with BYD Structural Battery Pack

Tesla Giga Berlin Receives EU Approval to Produce Model Y with BYD Structural Battery Pack

Tesla has received EU approval to produce the Model Y with a structural battery pack from BYD. The characteristics of the battery indicate that this will be the basic version of the car, which has not yet been produced at Giga Berlin.

Recently, Chinese media reported that Tesla Giga Berlin received the first batch of BYD batteries and the production of cars with them should begin in about one month. Now, has been able to get more details on this. A German blog has received direct confirmation that the batteries are already in the factory.

According to the documents reviewed by the blog, Model Y with batteries from BYD already has the approval of the type from the EU. The permit was issued by the Dutch authority RDW on July 1, 2022. Documents refer to the new Model Y variant as the Type 005, and internally as the Y7CR variant. The BYD battery capacity is rated at 55 kilowatt-hours, providing a range of 440 kilometers (273 miles).

To date, Tesla only sells the Model Y Long Range or Performance in Europe, and the base version of the car is sure to be a sought-after option. In the summer of 2021, Tesla registered a Model Y variant with rear-wheel drive and a smaller battery in the EU. CATL was listed as the supplier of the batteries, which had a capacity of 60 kilowatt-hours and provided 455 kilometers (283 miles).

Although the BYD batteries that will power the Model Y from Giga Berlin are smaller and have a shorter range, they do have an advantage. According to the documents, the BYD battery pack is a structural battery pack. While Tesla likely had access to CATL batteries, it favored the structural battery pack, as, after a July upgrade, it has an established production line to produce vehicles using the new technology.

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