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First Major Tesla Model 3 Shipment for Japan Arrives In Yokohama Port

by Claribelle Deveza December 09, 2019


A shipment of RDH Model 3 units in Yokohama, Japan, was reported by Tesla enthusiast Morten Groves. According to Groves, Lake Geneva—the name of the cargo ship—docked at Yokohama pier today to deliver a large shipment of Tesla Model 3s.

Model 3 RHD deliveries in Japan started this past September, shared Tesla Motors Club member Hiroshiy. “I got one on September 13th. Many folks start getting deliveries this weekend and throughout September. Will see September sales numbers in October,” said the TMC member.

So far, Tesla’s sedan seems to be gaining some traction in Japan. The Model 3 has received rave reviews from influencers in the country. For example, business scholar Masanao Kawakami praised the Model 3’s tech and innovation in an interview with Japanese magazine President Style.

The Model 3 was also nominated for Car of the Year in Japan. One committee member on the panel for the award, Masayuki Moriguchi, praised Tesla for the Model 3’s efficient design and size.

Based on Tesla’s recent activity in Japan and across the world, the all-electric company seems to be ramping deliveries around the globe. Tesla Model 3 deliveries seem to be the main focus for Tesla right now.

In Europe, Tesla’s sedan is speculated to be sold out for 2019 because most Model 3 purchases made are being scheduled for a February 2020 delivery date. Boats filled with Model 3 units have been sighted transporting Tesla’s sedan presumably for 2019 deliveries in Europe.

Meanwhile, in China, car carriers were sighted transporting Model 3 unitsto delivery centers across the country. Gigafactory 3 just received its license to sell and deliver the all-electric sedan, and the Shanghai branch has been active ever since.

However, no actual Model 3 deliveries have been made in China yet. Tesla may be waiting for the Model 3's government incentives to kick in, presumably later this month, before making deliveries.

The company’s hard push on deliveries before the end of 2019 may have something to do with its goals for its 2019 Q4 earnings report, which is due for release soon after the holidays. The number of deliveries Tesla can make before Q4 ends could be the difference between another profitable quarter like Q3 2019 or a disappointing one like Q2 2019. Either way, though, Tesla doesn’t seem to be ending Q4 2019 without a fight.

Featured Image Credit: Tesla Motors jp/Twitter

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