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Good Guy Infiniti Dealership Delivers Tesla Model 3 to Loyal Customer

by Claribelle Deveza December 10, 2019


An Infiniti dealership bought a Tesla Model 3 for Mr. Steve Lussier—the Mayor of Sherbrook—who happened to be one of the branch's most loyal customers for years. Teslas aren't usually passed from dealerships to customers' hands to ensure the best experience and price for the latter. However, in this rare case, a dealership did right by its customer and by Tesla, too. 

Mayor Lussier had been a loyal customer of Infiniti Sherbrooke for many years. It seems that when he wanted to switch to electric vehicles, Infiniti was his first stop. Unfortunately, the luxury brand wasn't expecting any EVs until 2021.

In an awesome display of customer service, the team at Infiniti Sherbrooke bought a Tesla Model 3 for Mayor Lussier while he waited for an Infiniti EV. Since the all-electric company doesn't have dealerships, however, Infiniti was only able to get the Mayor of Sherbrooke a used Model 3. 

The Sherbrooke Mayor's interest in EVs may have something to do with his stance on environmental issues. Based on Mr. Lussier's work as mayor, he seems to support renewable energy and a sustainable future. 

This past year Mr. Lussier was present during the inauguration of Canada's largest solar park in the Université de Sherbrooke. The project had been supported by seed investment from the upper levels of governments. 

"This collaborative approach will accelerate knowledge transfer into innovative and practical solutions to tackle the major global issues of producing renewable energy and fighting greenhouse gases, and we are obviously very proud of this contribution," said Dr. Pierre Cossette, Rector, the Université de Sherbrooke during the inauguration. 

Mr. Lussier seemed quite pleased with his new Tesla and the team at Infiniti Sherbrooke looked pretty happy themselves. It's a bit uncanny to think that Mayor Lussier's loyalty to Infiniti Sherbrooke might have been further solidified by Tesla, which would be a direct competitor for the Japanese carmaker's own EV in 2021. 

However, sometimes people simply do the right thing, and that certainly seems to be the case here. Infiniti Sherbrooke did what felt right for their customers, and it only proves their dedication to service. 

If more dealerships like Infiniti Sherbrooke existed, maybe Tesla's opinion of them would change. However, as it stands, the all-electric car maker prefers to sell its vehicles directly to Tesla customers. 

According to Clean Technica, Tesla's decision is quite beneficial to the customer since it ensures prices are maintained. Tesla's direct contact with the Tesla community is one of the reasons its vehicles are so popular. 

Featured Image Credit: Infiniti de Sherbrooke/Facebook

Infiniti Dealership Buys Tesla Model 3 for Loyal Customer Taking a Page Out of Tesla's Quality Customer Service

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