Tesla Sold Out Q1 2021 Israel Orders in Lighting Speed, First Deliveries Due in March

Tesla Sold Out Q1 2021 Israel Orders in Lighting Speed, First Deliveries Due in March

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Tesla received a license to import its cars into Israel, which made it possible to open an order configurator. All cars available for delivery in Q1 2021 were sold out at lightning speed, and the first deliveries are expected in March.

According to Israeli law, in addition to obtaining a general import license, the company must also obtain additional import permits for each model. At the moment, Tesla is forced to update its car software, as the original car alarms do not meet local noise standards and must be removed from cars before selling them in Israel. Tesla is in talks with the Ministry of Transportation on this issue and is going to present an updated version of the software in the coming days.

The company is estimated to have received hundreds of orders on the first day of sales, completely selling out its first batch. All orders that are accepted today will be completed no earlier than June 2021. The updated Models X and S will be delivered by November.

On November 8, Israel's Ministry of Transportation suggested that Tesla could complete the permit process within ten days, Calcalist Tech reported. The transportation from the port of Auckland, USA to Israel is expected to take 27 days, with the vehicles due to arrive in Israel by mid-March. Tesla also confirmed that the vehicles will indeed be delivered in March, and the company sees no reason to delay.

“Tesla's vehicles comply with European requirement standards, and were already approved for import in 2020. With the received of the import permit, which will be approved to import large quantities of vehicles, the company is in advanced stages to receive its vehicle specific import permits for 2021," the Israeli Ministry of Transportation responded in a statement.

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