First Look at Tesla Tequila with "Handcrafted by Skilled Glass Artisans" Bottle

First Look at Tesla Tequila with "Handcrafted by Skilled Glass Artisans" Bottle

Tesla Tequila was officially launched yesterday November 5th, and the long awaited, rather exotic item, sold out within four hours after listed on their site.


And now, we have a chance to take an exclusive, first look at this $250 Tequila bottle, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk has teased us with since 2018.

Here is the first picture of the front view of box:

The second picture is the back of the packaging, which includes instructions on how to properly open the bottle.

"This bottle was handcrafted by skilled glass artisans, as such, it has imperfections and markings that make each bottle unique. Please take care when handling your bottle of Tesla Tequila"

"To Remove the cap, please pull straight up carefully. Do not pull at an angle or sideways. Failure to follow these instruction could result in breakage. Salud!"

And here we go--now, this is the official Tesla Tequila with the "Handcrafted by Skilled Glass Artisans" bottle:


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