Tesla & Its Innovation Machine Are Moving Targets that Will Likely Continue to Elude Legacy Auto

Tesla & Its Innovation Machine Are Moving Targets that Will Likely Continue to Elude Legacy Auto
Tesla's approach to doing business, attitude to production, development and implementation of innovation are all what very much distinguish it from any other manufacturer currently on the market. While the legacy automakers are taking their time and sometimes slowly making it to the next step, Tesla has already pulled out so far ahead that there are reasonable doubts that they can ever catch up.

Model 3 is a great example of how a Tesla's vehicle, created just a few years ago, is still an elusive leader for other electric vehicles--eve ones introduced this year. Sam Korus from ARK Invest points out that Tesla continues to achieve an incredible degree of innovation, which gives the company's vehicles top-notch performance characteristics while still being very competitively priced.

In an attempt to catch up with Tesla, competitors make compromises to reach a certain price range, and on the way to find and implement them, they get stuck. According to Sam, competitors spend 3-4 years at this stage, after which they release a new car, but during this time it becomes significantly outdated and irrelevant compared to Tesla. Legacy automakers have been stuck in a bottleneck for years.

And even as automakers make strides of progress, Tesla remains moving target, and has further advanced its technology. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has always been concerned about getting the best specialists in the areas in which the company is working or is going to work in the future. By acquiring and creating various breakthrough startups, Tesla unites them all with a common goal. Tesla then manufactures and offers the most innovative products, which are aligned with its sustainable energy values, and are ones its customers truly love. So far it seems that there is just no replicating what Tesla is doing.

Tesla's policy is that, once they develop something that can improve their product, the company updates their cars during the production process--real-time--rather than waiting a few years for new models to be released. Tesla achieves these constant improvements at such a rapid cadence that competitors simply cannot catch up.

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