France Télévisions & TVU plan to use SpaceX Starlink for Broadcasting the Paris 2024 Olympics

France Télévisions & TVU plan to use SpaceX Starlink for Broadcasting the Paris 2024 Olympics

In anticipation of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, France Télévisions, in collaboration with TVU Networks, has unveiled an innovative "hyper-mobile" broadcasting solution that promises to reshape the way live events are covered. This cutting-edge workflow combines TVU's cloud-based technologies, multi-camera synchronization capabilities, and SpaceX’s Starlink satellite connectivity to deliver seamless, high-quality broadcasts from even the most remote environments.

The groundbreaking workflow, termed "hyper-mobile" by TVU, incorporates a range of state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Central to this approach is TVU's cloud solutions, which encompass production, remote collaboration, intercom management, and mix-minus functionalities. These cloud-based tools are further complemented by the "TVU RPS One system," designed to synchronize the capture of live multi-camera content, providing a coherent and immersive viewing experience.

For data transmission and aggregation, two SpaceX Starlink Maritime units have been integrated to ensure reliable broadcasting. This innovative approach to data connectivity allows for uninterrupted and smooth broadcasts, even from moving vessels.

The new broadcasting solution was put to the test during a recent talk show event related to demonstrating how they will livestream the Paris 2024 Olympics. The event, which spanned multiple locations and utilized five cameras, including drones, and ships navigating the Seine River in Paris. Additionally, two other live broadcasts originated from various sites in Paris and Ukraine. TVU shared a French language video about the "hyper-mobile" solution, linked below.

“We are very excited about the results we are seeing from our hyper-mobile initiative with TVU. We have been able to produce high quality multi-camera live events or breaking news from any location despite challenging circumstances – hardware failures, an entire system down, war zones or deserted areas. With only batteries and cameras in hand and powered by the latest generation of 5G with Starlink and TVU bonded cellular transmission equipment, the reporting team has the tools it needs to rapidly conduct a live newscast anywhere in the world and cover stories from any angle – traditional and new,” stated the head of TechLab at France Télévisions Romuald Rat.

As the world eagerly anticipates the Paris 2024 Olympics, the collaboration between France Télévisions and TVU Networks sets a new standard for live broadcasting with SpaceX’s Starlink network, showcasing how innovative technologies can transform the way global events are covered and shared with audiences worldwide.

VIDEO: France Televisions introduces Hyper-Mobile broadcasting for Paris 2024 1-year countdown talkshow

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