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Tesla Full Self-Driving FSD Beta Safely Negotiates Floating Bag on Freeway

Tesla Full Self-Driving FSD Beta Safely Negotiates Floating Bag on Freeway

Tesla vehicles that have gained access to FSD Beta show impressive capabilities. They allow vehicles to drive without driver intervention, navigate difficult sections of the road, make difficult turns in busy streets, and avoid collisions with objects that suddenly appear on the road.

Dave Mac/YouTube, driving on the highway, had the opportunity to observe FSD Beta in a situation when an object suddenly appeared in front of the car. The vehicle's systems had noticed suspicious activity ahead in the lane where it intended to drive. During the lane change, a plastic bag suddenly could be visualized, which was brought there by the wind. As soon as the bag crossed into the lane and was detected by FSD Beta, the car immediately began to smoothly and carefully try to navigate around it.

The car did not start to brake sharply or change lanes at speed, which could have caused an accident. Instead, FSD Beta slowed down slightly, carefully crossed back over into the original lane, went around the obstacle, and ultimately took the desired lane.

In the video description, Dave pointed out that FSD Beta developer visualization disappears and switches to classic Navigate on Autopilot (NoA) mode and visuals after merging onto the highway. Therefore, we cannot see on the screen whether that the plastic bag has specifically been seen. Nevertheless, judging by the actions of the car, the obstacle on the road was identified, and all necessary measures were taken to avoid a possible collision.

The ability of FSD to negotiate difficult situations is critical, because it is in such situations, most often, that human-drivers get into accidents. If FSD proves its ability to easily manage the most challenging road situations, then it will win over the confidence of more customers and the broader public.

Tesla has developed the most advanced and versatile active driver assistance systems to date, which require minimal driver intervention, in the real world, and on any road. Every day, Tesla FSD is improving, bringing us ever closer to fully autonomous driving.

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