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Tesla Giga Shanghai Model 3 Smashed Competitors in Nov, Surpassing the Combined Sales of NIO XPEV LI BYD EV Models

Tesla Giga Shanghai Model 3 Smashed Competitors in Nov, Surpassing the Combined Sales of NIO XPEV LI BYD EV Models

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Giga Shanghai continues to ramp up production, and in November, the company registered 21,604 vehicles, according to CPCA data, a new record and about 78% more than last month. Another record in monthly sales makes Tesla the best-selling new energy vehicle in China.

Tesla's sales exceeded the combined sales of popular domestic competitors: BYD Han EV (7,482), Leading Ideal One (4,646), Xiaopeng P7 (2,732), and Weilai ES6 (2,386). Cumulative Model 3 sales in China exceeded 110,000 from January to November, and the vehicle has already secured its title as the leader in sales of new energy vehicles in 2020.

In March 2020, Model 3 sales exceeded 10,000, and in just seven months, Tesla was able to double that number, reaching over 20,000 units. This was a landmark event for all new energy vehicles in China.

Tesla has become an ideal vehicle for residents of Chinese cities who are not satisfied with electric vehicles from other manufacturers, which have a short range and difficulty in charging. Tesla, on the other hand, offers cars with longer range and a convenient Supercharger network that grows every day. Just today, for instance, Tesla China brought online 27 new charging stations--219 total stalls--with mostly state-of-the art V3 chargers.

What Tesla offers with the Model 3 is superior to what gasoline cars of the same level can offer. Model 3 features the most advanced autonomous driving technology on the market, OTA updates, and remote diagnostics. All of this combines to deal a serious blow to traditional fuel vehicles. And even other EV companies are having a difficult time keeping up. It's unclear when this might happen, as production of the highly-anticipated China-Made Model Y is just around the corner.

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